Semi Magazine is a non profit, independently published online and annual print magazine championing new and established voices within the global art community. Work featured in Semi Magazine often comments, acknowledges and questions current and past sociology and philosophy. We feature artwork deemed topical or important in some way, or work which has openly been worked on with passion and vigour. Semi Magazine was established in late 2017 and is funded entirely by its own revenue and, lovingly, by its founders. The first issue of the magazine was printed in the Fall/Winter of 2018/19. Copies of our magazine are sent to highly regarded platforms, companies and artists. We are aiming to be stocked globally. The magazine was founded and nurtured by Pagy Wicks, a Photographic Artist from London and Cape Town, and Joe Hurley, a Concept Artist from London; both are currently living in Berlin.

We have grown into more than just a magazine - we have become a community, supporting creatives globally however we can.

We don't aim to profit off the hard work of artists. We don't claim to own any of the artwork published or submitted to our magazine and our artists are always attributed appropriately. You can read our T&C's for more information.

For queries or comments please email us. We welcome comments, contributions or informal chats about prospective projects. If you want to be part of the community and magazine and you see a future in the magazine please submit below.

We are currently looking for writers and contributors to the magazine both online and in print.