• SEMI ZINE will never assume rights over any work submitted by artists. Appropriate credit will be mentioned for the artist at all times for all images used.
  • SEMI ZINE will never sell any images submitted to us unless given full permission to do so apart from images featured in our print edition of the magazine in which case full credit will be given to the artist appropriately Any publications sold will only charge the cover of manufacturing costs.
  • SEMI ZINE will receive very basic publishing rights for any images submitted to our magazine for the purpose of publishing credited work in our print issue.
  • SEMI ZINE will use any work submitted for promotional purposes so that the artist benefits as well as the publication.
  • All content published is original and unique content.
  • We are essentially a non-profit, run for artists magazine. We publish work we view as a product of hard work and great thought process.
  • Any other queries about our T&Cs please contact us directly.