PHOTOEAST 2018 #ibelong18

All over the world the idea of globalisation is being rejected. Closest to home, the votes for Trump and Brexit, and the rise of far-right parties across Europe on a populist tide of nativism and isolationism, are indications that our world is changing radically. The apparently unquestionable virtues of a globalised economy are faltering while the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening.
— Emma Bowkett & Josh Lustig via

We supported the PhotoEast Festival in Suffolk UK this year by offering our own community the opportunity to enter PhotoEast's unique Instagram based photography competition allowing emerging photographers the chance to have work displayed at the PhotoEast photography festival alongside prestigious established photographers like Sian Davey, Mark Power, Cian Oba-Smith, Matt Eich, Seba Kurtis to name a few. The theme for entry was imagery created around the concept of belonging as proposed by curators Emma Bowkett and Josh Lustig, Director and Deputy Director of Photography, Financial Times Magazine.

The feeling that we belong is one of the better things in life: belonging brings stability, safety, strength, purpose. It can insure us against calamity. It lifts us up.

But is it enough to belong? Is belonging essential to life? Are our ideas of identity and community inextricably linked? And if they are, what does it mean to have our sense of belonging threatened?

After all, we are more interconnected than ever. We can, at any time, interact with people from every corner of the world – and we see it as a good thing, because in many ways it is good. Yet the groups we form often isolate us. Sometimes they serve to fracture our relationships. In a world connected by social media, it sometimes appears that we exist in discrete, self-sustaining groups that only express the kind of things we want to hear, while beyond the scope of those echo-chambers, it is only the most extreme voices that command our attention.
— Emma Bowkett & Josh Lustig via

We've selected our favourite ten submissions from our own collective. Congratulations to the winners of the competition overall and congratulations to our entrants who we considered our favourite images featuring our own #semizine #semi_zine in the #ibelong18 Instagram based photography competition. Below our featured images are by Maude Girard, Alex Djordjevic, Ko Dewantoro, Karli Jai, Miet Van Hee, Alessandra Sampalean, Daniel Harvey Gonzalez, Lea Fernandes, Jean Luc Feixa and Mattias Stolzenfels. Click on the images for more details on the photographers themselves.

Download the programme brochure for the PhotoEast Festival here!