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Anti Fashion Photography by Lizzy Nicholson

London based portrait photographer Lizzy Nicholson talks to us about her views on modern fashion photography and why she's determined to break down fascism within the industry. Her portraiture celebrates real people and avoids archetypes. Enter Lizzy Nicholson - the post modern photographic activist.

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Balkan Ours by Krasimira Butseva

A mature and conceptually strong body of work from Krasimira Butseva, a Bulgarian born, UK based visual artist working with archive and memory. She talks about her series Balkan Ours - a series offering discourse on past Bulgarian atrocities committed through their past communist regime. 

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Hubris by Helene Antorini

French photographic artist Helene Antorini spoke to us about her recent work Hubris. A photographic body of work depicting the greed of men and it's influence on nature. Through the use of allegory and semiotics comes a sombre narrative on the Greek term Hubris - an excessive self pride or confidence; a term used in Greek tragedy to denote mans defiance of the Gods.

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