Abstract Expressionist Collage by Malte Iwanicki

"My work always just starts with a small idea. Then after experimenting with that idea I develop a concept which leads to series. So it develops in the process of painting."

Visual artist and painter Malte Iwanicki creates dynamic collage work that aims to deconstruct classical painterly techniques and methods. Using digital media to create print work, Iwanicki constructs beautiful abstract expressionist paintings by using collage to join his print work together into one cohesive image.


Tell us more about you and your artwork.

I'm an art student, studying and living in Berlin. 

My works are mainly collages. I overlap copies of patterns, brushstrokes, and photos or geometric figures.

My works are mainly printed and clued together. In my artwork I'm trying to make a painting without using mostly known techniques.

Everything that looks randomly is actually an artificial, wanted and planned element of the artwork. In example is a brushstroke not a spontanious brushstroke. I actually choose it out of a sample list of brushstrokes and apply a copy of it on to my worksurface.  

How do you plan for a series?

My series always just starts with a small idea. Then after experimenting around that idea I develop a conzept which leads mostly to series. So it develops in the prozess of painting. 

What work inspires or has inspired you?

Wow the list of artists that inspire me is unlimited. From every artist I see I'm trying to get a benefit for me. And I see so many artist all the time. Friends send me new Painters/artist. I google a lot. Instagram. Those are all never ending sources and to say I'm inspired by a specific artist would be unfair for all the others. I'm traveling a lot  with my wife and all those different places and intercultural experiences inspire me.

But to call some names:

Claude Viallat, Alber Oehlen, Jonathan Meese, David Reed, Jeff Koons, Wade Guyton, Kelly Walker, Christine Streuli, Sabine Tress, David Reed, Julie Mehretue, Marko Lulic, Günter Fruhtrunk, John Baldessari, Daniel Richter, Malewitsch, Warhol, Corbussier, ....... and so one. It's a really wide ranged mix. Mainly Painters.

Are there any artistic movements you enjoy in particular and why?

Not really, there are so many directions art can go to and all the movements have something appealing and unappealing on them. I think if I would hold on to a movement that would limit my own creativity. 

Do you have any opinions or ideals underlying your art?

What you see is what you get, but it's not always what you expect it is.

Your images seem so tactile. How do you create your collage? Are your brush strokes predetermined?

I use a wide range of techniques in my painting, just to call a few: starting from casting elements with resin, printing with a desktop printer, screen printing or high pressure connections.  Yes my brushstrokes are predetermined. 

Any words for aspiring artist wanting to create collage using tactile mediums?

Think out of the box. Don't choose the easy way.

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