Underexposed Magazine Founder and Photographer

April 10, 2017

Davìda Carta. Submitted in 2017.

Davìda Carta. Submitted in 2017.

Photographer Davìda Carta has the floor this week at SEMI ZINE. Her romantic imagery of the banal reflects a feeling we all know well - emotional turmoil of being from one place different to where you are now. Originally from Milan she creates and studies photographic work in America. She's also the founder and editor of Underexposed Magazine - promoting female photographic artwork during a period when it's most needed in the US. Friday we will release her full submission via our artists page - during the week expect to see her dreamy photographic work shared across our social feeds. 

My work explores the emotional qualities of ordinary things, domesticity and the struggle of being in between two cultures.


We're Still Accepting Submissions

If you haven't already submitted your work make sure you at our submissions page. We work on a first come first serve basis - the sooner your submit the sooner your work will go up live on our website.

We've also worked out a concise schedule for content sharing on our platforms. Every Friday we'll release an interview with our artist for that week. Our artists page will fill up as the week goes by with great artwork. 


Thank You To Alex Djordjevic - Last Weeks Artist

In lieu of our new schedule we've created Alex Djordjevic's artist page on here! We really enjoy Alex's work, honoured to have his full series with us for Issue 1 of SEMI ZINE. 

Alex Djordjevic. 2016 Submission.

Alex Djordjevic. 2016 Submission.

Text: Pagy Wicks