Seoul Fashion Week 2017

April 18, 2017



AC Parsons captured Fashion Week in the heart of Seoul this year. The fashion was extravagant and unusual this Spring - punk style, colour and tattoos featured heavily. Parsons has photographed SFW for the past two years, this year he focused his attention on the audience rather than the runway. We enjoyed how he chose to capture not just the material outfits but also the faces of SFW street style. His work celebrates the street style of SFW rather than the high fashion, couture work. Below Parsons describes the series and experience. 

"Getting dressed is a lot like creating a photo, careful thought goes into each outfit and forethought as to how your audience will receive it is crucial.

Seoul Fashion Week is an event that happens twice a year at Dongdaemun Plaza (DDP). The latest work from Korea’s greatest designers are donned by high fashion models. Outside the exhibition halls are fashion fanatics, photographers, and casual observers.

Colourful hair, unique piercings and intricately designed tattoos captured my attention the most this year. Additionally the nonconformity of the SFW goers brought a mix of unique styles that made it feel like an exotic exhibition with the street as their gallery.

Visitors come from all over the world to experience the unique street fashion around the city and to exhibit their own. SFW is a veritable Crayola melting pot of pop culture and originality.

Experience liberation from the fabric of conformity that silences inventive fashion."


View more of his work here.

Text: Pagy Wicks • Images: AC Parsons