Founder & Editor of Semi Magazine Interviewed by Photograd

Semi Zine founder Pagy Wicks talks to Photograd about the magazine. Image by Nina Musholt.

Recently our founder and editor, Pagy Wicks, spoke to Photograd about the SEMI ZINE. Photograd is a great platform for budding UK photography graduates wanting non-profit exposure for their work. We recommend getting in touch with them if you're a photography graduate within the UK. 

In the interview Page talks about how the magazine came about and our main goals for the the future of the magazine. We also feature a few published and to be published works from our artist collective. The interview features work from Nina Musholt (feature and interview coming soon), Krasimira Butseva (feature and interview coming soon), Ewan Waddell and Mauricio Alejo.

"What is SEMI ZINE? Who's behind this creation? SEMI ZINE is a non-profit online and soon to be POD (print-on-demand) magazine dedicated to the arts on a global scale. It’s a new platform for artists to publish work and gain a bit of interest in their current projects. Initially I started up the magazine in my bedroom late one eve, it’s now grown to a small collection of art enthusiasts and graduates in different fields who wanted to contribute and work with me on the idea."