Lucy Hayto: All Things Will Change

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Lucy Hayto is a documentary photographer studying her MA in Commercial Photography whilst living and working in London. Her work aims to educate and inform people of current issues regarding the social and environmental landscape. All Things Will Change is a photographic study of coastal erosion in the UK and how the threat of global warming is increasing the rate of erosion.

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Can you tell us more about the artistic practice behind All Things Will Change?

The artistic practice behind All Things Will Change very much comes from my love for literature and art. I have research extensively into different methods of photographing environmental issues and have found one that works for me. I am also interested in looking at photography as a use for visual anthropology and the relationship between art and philosophy. We are so connected to our world but many do not realise – I want my work to show this. I normally come up with a huge impossible idea and start shooting and shooting until I have narrowed it down into something well researched, informed and beautiful. I am always learning however, currently studying my Masters but really feel there is so much to learn not only about photography, but myself.

What inspires your work in general?

I am inspired by almost everything in the world – mostly my passion for wanting change. There is so many incredible artists who are working in a similar field who inspire me to take better images. Also, there is photographers such as Alec Soth who I have admired since my journey in photography – who I will always go back to when I am stuck on an idea. Living in London is a great place to be inspired as it encourages me to get out there and do the work I want to do.

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What is your own view on climate change?

Climate change is scary and very, very real. It is something we have contributed to and need to start making changes now before it is too late. I hope my photography resides with people and make them realise that this problem is close to home and not some far enough problem. I am however, very aware of how the media is now picking it up and there are articles almost daily about the uncertainty of our future – I just hope my project is one that adds to that and makes people think. I believe I am part of the generation that wants to make changes, and it is a good thing that we are all so aware of what is happening in the world.

Any words for aspiring photographers, artists and journalists?

I think a big thing that helped me find my feet was when I was studying for my BA; I had a tutor tell me to stop comparing my work to others. I have a terrible habit of looking at the work of my peers and colleagues and thinking my own work was nowhere near good enough. Once I started believing the work I made was important and relevant, the project really took off. Experimentation is a vast and fun thing – try different art forms and just write all the time.

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Where does the title All Things Will Change come from?

The title All Things Will Change comes from a poem Nothing Will Die by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The poem resonated with me as I believe the quote ‘nothing was born, nothing will die, all things will change’ relates heavily with climate change and coastal erosion – the world is constantly changing under our feet and again, the uncertainty of what the future holds for this planet is a huge thing.

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