Lea Brinon: Glasgow, Snow


Tell us more about yourself and your practice.

My name is Lea, I am a twenty five year old student at the Glasgow School of Art.

My practice uses diverse visual techniques (mainly film and photography) aiming to communicate and trigger empathy by creating intimate and soft focused images. I am fully aware that my work wouldn’t exist as so without an individual outside of myself experiencing it, hence why thinking about ways to make my visuals accessible and thought provoking is a goal I constantly keep on my mind when generating work.

What was your creative process for this series or for your work in general?

I encountered the work of André Kertész, most precisely his photographic series on central park, few days before it started snowing in Glasgow, which had a significant impact on how I chose to frame and document the urban environment covered in snow as well as choosing the snow in itself as a topic. Black and white film occurred to me as the best way to do so, resulting in striking images, giving a revealing contrast between the white and black from the city.


What work inspires or has inspired you?

I am currently highly inspired by works from artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle, her work giving a new dimension to creation, using recycled used items as artistic installations which would then be “destroyed” (shot with a rifle), using destruction as a mean to create.

Rene Burri’s landscapes photographs and use of urban environment as a natural framing and composition is a technique I am trying to apply to my own work at the moment, being able to detect and capture the image as the “decisive moment” as Cartier-Bresson described.

There is definitely a certain sense of completeness when the eye and finger on the shutter connect instantly with no hesitation.


Are there any artistic movements you enjoy in particular and why?

I think humanist photography is the artistic movement I can relate to the most, as its focus on social issues and individuals is a direction I most certainly want my work to go towards.

Dadaism is also a movement I am interested in, most precisely the concepts of repetition and reenactment in works by artists such as Duchamp and Warhol.

Do you have any opinions or ideals underlying your art?

I feel my background in sciences has definitely shaped and is still shaping what I produce. There is always a scientific subject underlying as a starting point for most of the work I start.

Fantastic work Lea. Glasgow, Snow is an abstract representation of a population within an urban environment, a few of the images even look like abstract expressionist art. Reminiscent of some work by Moriyama, Pedragosa and Siskind. Can you tell us more about your thoughts on the abstract expressionist qualities in this series?

I am glad you like the series ☺

The abstract expressionism within the photographs is definitely a deliberate choice to communicate subliminally the presence of humanity within an urban space as well as questioning the power of the control the photographer behind the camera has.

In my case, playing around with how much information I chose to include within the photograph in order to change its visual meaning yet giving it away to the viewer within the title of the photographic series shows my status as the “communicator” / “photographer”  yet I am still limited by my own vision as a human.


Any words for aspiring artists?

Anything can be turned into a photographic work and documented.

I used to get excited about going abroad as a mean to take better photographs, but realised that it is all about the purpose and intention of the final result that matter.

Just paying attention to what surrounds you is always a good, simple start, no matter if it is inside of your own house, within your own body, your street or another country.

Also, experiment as much as possible – I always find it slightly scary to jump from research to making, but I always feel relieved in a way once I do.

Is there anything you’re currently working on?

I am currently working on a photographic series documenting KELVIN ABC boxing club situated in the Southside area of Glasgow (Govanhill).