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EGO Masculinity and the Male Ego Open Call

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EGO Masculinity and the Male Ego Open Call

There are notions of masculinity which many of us find difficult to relate to. I want to explore how the individual defines masculinity and the male ego. To curate a dialogue out of visual and written interpretations.

We’ve been living with generalised ideas about masculinity for too long. They ignore individuals, personalities, and communities. They leave us with flawed ideas of what it is to be a man, how we should behave and the kind of relationships we should have. We as individuals are worth SO. MUCH. MORE!

I am producing a newspaper to house your visual and written perceptions. I invite you, the individual to express your perspectives and experiences of masculinity and the male ego. Whether you use yourself as the focus of your piece or tackle a broader take of the topic be provocative, creative, funny, emotive, raw, explicit, conscientious, but most importantly be YOU! Regardless of who you are and whatever your background I’m looking for photographic art, illustration and writing. Your work will be considered for the final printed newspaper.

Send your submissions to

Deadline: 5th August.